Oslo, June 2014.
Mom and her childhood home, which has since been bought/renovated and looks nothing like it did last time I visited. Brumunddal, June 2014.
Hjørdis. Brumunddal, June 2014.
Tobias. Oslo, June 2014.
Bergen, July 2014.
Austevoll, July 2014.
Austevoll, July 2014.
Totland brothers. Bergen, July 2014.
Martin. Bergen, July 2014.
Michael. Paris, July 2014.
Erlend. Stavanger, July 2014.
My cousin Erlend. Stavanger, July 2014.
Stavanger, July 2014.
Hiked five hours and thought I lost all my toenails but it was worth it.
Pulpit Rock, July 2014.
Somewhere near Stavanger, July 2014.