Stavanger, July 2014.
Yasha. Berlin, July 2014.
Accidentally became a brunette today.
Anne. Berlin, July 2014.
Lauren. Berlin, July 2014.Lauren. Berlin, July 2014.
Beto in his studio. Berlin, July 2014.
Berlin, July 2014.
Coffee with Elena, one of the most lovely + inspiring ladies I’ve met in a while. Read all about her and her work in NYMag. 
Paris, July 2014.
Lawrence. Paris, July 2014.
Exploring town. London, July 2014.Exploring town. London, July 2014.
4th of July aftermath. London, July 2014.
London, July 2014.
Adrienne. London, July 2014.

"The best fashion shooter I ever met just had one lens. It was a Hasselblad 150. The front element looked as though someone had put a cigarette out on it. She didn’t own any other lens so she never had to think about which lens she would use or how she would work. She just did her work and it was stellar. No choices, just the right choice. No confusion just vision. Amazing. But now we’re all so fearful we feel like we need to have “all of our bases covered” even when we’re just doing this for fun. That’s why it’s not as much fun."

The Visual Science Lab.: What I learned when I dragged a Hasselblad on vacation. The myth of perfection. (via bijan)

(via bijan)